Interviewing a Real Estate Agent – 3 Important Questions to Ask

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Interviewing a Real Estate Agent – 3 Important Questions to Ask

interviewing a real estate agent

interviewing a real estate agent

Interviewing a real estate agent is often the first step in the journey to selling or buying a house.  There are more non-traditional ways to buy or sell, but this article focuses on how to pick the right agent for the job.  Let me start by saying, not all agents are created equal, and picking an agent just because they are your friend or sold the house next door is a horrible reason to pick them.  Take this decision very seriously because it could make or cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

“Do you work alone or as part of a team?”

Most real estate agents work alone, and this may not seem like a big deal. How hard can their job be anyways? When interviewing a real estate agent, this is the most important question you want to ask because it takes a team to sell multiple houses. Selling a house involves:

  1. Doing market research to advise house preparation necessities
  2. Marketing your house on various websites, social media and physical advertisement
  3. Coordinating showings and open houses
  4. Reading offer contracts and handling negotiations
  5. Coordinating paperwork with title, escrow and lending companies
  6. Writing contract responses

… and that’s the short list of responsibilities. Now imagine a realtor who is working with two or more clients at the same time. Do you see how difficult this would become? That’s why we always recommend working with a realtor who is backed by a strong team.

interviewing a real estate agent team

“Do you have previous clients I can contact?”

You have to remember that you have contacted a realtor who may have never even done a transaction before. Would you trust someone as unfamiliar with the process as you to handle the largest financial transaction of your life? Even if the realtor is a friend of yours, this is not advised. Ask for at least three references who are previous clients and ask about their experience. Any experienced realtor will be happy to ask previous clients to ask as a reference for them. If the real estate agent you’re interviewing denies this request, you should walk away.

“Can we list my house for $$$$?”

You may not know exactly what your house is worth (Zillow price doesn’t count), but you know the ballpark. During your interview, ask the realtor if you can list the house for a price that is much greater than what it’s worth. If you know your house is worth about $300,000, ask if you can list it for $375,000. Many realtors are desperate enough for business that they will kindly accept your request.

If a realtor agrees to list your house for your ridiculous amount, you know they are desperate for commission and don’t have your best interests at heart. After all, listing a house too high will end up losing you money in the long run. It is always best to price your home as accurately as possible for resale.

Interviewing a real estate agent money

Not all real estate agents are created equal. These 3 questions when interviewing a real estate agent can guarantee you a positive experience and successful transaction. Want to cut to the chase and get in touch with someone who will go the extra mile for your home sale? Email Laura at laura@decorateam.com or contact us here.

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