Sell a House Fast Guide – Here’s How

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November 8, 2019
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Sell a House Fast Guide – Here’s How

sell a house fast guide

There could be several situations where someone would want to sell a house fast.  Divorce, a new job, health issues, money problems and inheritance are all things that happen, outside of your control, that could leave you with a house that you need to sell fast.  Here are your options depending on your timeline.

Sell a House Traditionally: 15 – 150 days

Selling a house the traditional method takes anywhere from 15 to 150 days.  The traditional method means paying for a realtor, fixing issues with your house prior to listing, listing the house, waiting for offers, selecting an offer, negotiating, inspection period, re-negotiating, loan approval and waiting for the final close.  Depending on the condition of the house and the price, this process could take up to 150 days (even longer in some situations).  Be prepared to put in some work and leave your house on quick notice for showings to potential buyers.

Sell a House Fast: 4 – 14 days

If you’re in a situation where you need to sell a house in 4 to 14 days, the only route to go is with a cash buyer.  There are two different types of cash buyers who can do this:

  1. End Buyer
  2. Investor

An end buyer is someone with cash who plans on using the home for their own personal residence.  People in this category tend to be retirees who have built up a lifetime of cash and are looking for a place to settle down.  Consequently, these buyers are often looking for something that is move in ready.  Not only are these buyers picky, they are also more difficult to find unless you list your home on the NWMLS and will likely take closer to 14 days to close since they don’t purchase homes as often as an investor.

Sell a house fast end buyer

An investor is someone who plans to purchase the home with cash and make some sort of change to increase the value of the home or property before resale.  This is what we do.  We offer a price that gets you a fair profit while providing a quick close.  Unlike end buyers, we buy houses every month and are comfortable enough with the process to close in closer to 4 days.

Sell a House Fastest: 1 – 3 days

We have met some who need to sell their house almost immediately.  This may be the case in Foreclosure or immediate job relocation scenarios.  The only people who have this ability are the most experienced investors.  There are a lot of steps an investor must get right to close this quickly, and working with the wrong investor could cost you time and money!

If you are in this category, contact us immediately and request Bryce.  I am the most skilled investor in the area when it comes to cash closings on a quick timeline.

Bryce – Quick closing specialist

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