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Selling a House Fast Tips

selling a house fast tips

selling a house fast tips

Selling a house fast tips to sell fast without the hassle

Like most people who are about to sell a house, you’re probably wondering what it takes to sell a house quickly and without hassle.  My name is Bryce, and you may say I’m the pro at giving selling a house fast tips. These tips are often looked over or kept secret, but I’m about to tell all of the secrets *shhh*.

Traditional Thinking

Look around you.  Houses are going up for sale all over.  You’ve probably even heard the success stories of how fast homes are selling and how much over asking price they are selling for.  The truth is, if you sell your house in the winter, the process from listing to closing is going to take an average of 75 days.  In the summer this average drops to 45 days.  This varies from year to year but these are good numbers to go by.  Let’s take a look at why this process takes so long:

Day 0: Listing the property

Day 14: Accepting an offer

Day 17: Buyers Get inspector to inspect the home

Day 20: Buyers respond with list of requested fixes

Day 23: Seller responds with list of repairs they will make

Day 29: Negotiations on what will be fixed ends

Day 50: House closes

Obviously, this timeline varies drastically between selling scenarios, but this gives you an idea of why it takes so long, and how frustrating it can be to get caught in this situation (especially if you’re reading an article titled Selling a House Fast Tips).

Creative Thinking

A majority of homes are sold the traditional way.  This may be because the majority of people think this is the only way.  DeCora Team is able to cut that time by up to 96%, bringing the entire process down to as little as 3 days!

Day 0: Call us and get an appointment

Day 1: Offer accepted

Day 3:  House Closes

How is this possible?

  • We always buy houses with cash so we don’t have to wait on lender approval
  • We buy houses in their current as-is condition so there’s no need to negotiate repairs
  • We pay closing costs and all other fees to speed up the process even more

What’s the catch?  There is no catch.  We look for creative strategies to fit your specific needs and understand every situation is unique. Every one of our transactions are treated with extreme care and precision.  In addition to selling fast, we can often offer many other benefits that the traditional selling method wouldn’t allow:

  • Be paid a portion of money up front, prior to closing
  • Get help with financial planning
  • Free help in relocation
  • Ability to stay in the property for a period after closing


The difference between us and a traditional buyer is that we buy many houses every year, and we have the process down to a science.  DeCora Team is owned by former engineers who are able to use their logical thinking and organization for good!  We are aware of many strategies that most buyers don’t consider including seller financing, real estate flips, long term rentals, short term rentals, and much more!  By us looking at how your house fits into these strategies, we can find a way to offer you more, quicker.

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