Selling Your House As-Is Doesn’t Have to Mean Sacrificing Your Equity

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June 16, 2020
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Selling Your House As-Is Doesn’t Have to Mean Sacrificing Your Equity

Recently we purchased a house in Arlington, WA. This wasn’t a new thing for us. We buy houses as-is every month in hopes of improving the home and reselling or using it as a rental property. The seller, Jerry, had us over to evaluate the property and give him an offer.

Can’t you make more money listing on the MLS?

Jerry was considering doing the work himself and listing on the MLS. Since we are experts in the local market and also experts in rehab analysis, we were able to show that Jerry would make slightly more money in rehabbing the property himself, then listing. However, the increase in estimated profit was not enough for the seller to make the self-rehab worth it. He decided to sell to us instead.

Since we have a full time crew, we are able to make repairs much cheaper and much quicker than your average home owner. We offer as much as we can so you get the money you deserve. Jerry wondered what the catch was… this was his reaction after the process:

If you are looking for a no nonsense, honest company to work with, the DeCora Team is it!

I had a home that I wanted to sale that needed some work, but I didn’t have the time, or desire to do it myself.  I called a couple of “low ballers”, and they were exactly that.  They did not come and look at the home, but merely checked a few things online, and then gave me a quote that was basically the tax assessed value.  When I told them that they were well below fair market value……crickets!  Nothing.  No more discussion, options, anything.

I then called and talked to Bryce with the DeCora Team.  He met me at the home, listened to my thoughts and needs, and thoroughly checked the home out.  

Within a day, I received three quotes from Bryce: Fully fixed up, partially fixed up, and as-is.  Bryce recommended that I don’t accept his as is offer, as he felt with minimal effort, I could increase my return.  He detailed out the items that he felt should be repaired or updated, and his estimated cost for the items.

I ended up accepting the as-is offer.  I got the money out of the house that I was hoping to get before I even started the process.

The DeCora Team is truly “the Company that you wished you could find!”  I kept waiting for “the catch”.  There was none!  It was 100% honest and straight forward.  

Bryce truly cares about making these transactions a win/win for everyone.

If you have a home you need to sell and you’re not sure where to start, reach out to us and let us help. No obligation appointment with us to help determine the best way to meet your goals when you sell your home.

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