Real Estate Experts in Snohomish – We Walk the Walk

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April 16, 2020
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Real Estate Experts in Snohomish – We Walk the Walk

real estate experts in snohomish

real estate experts in snohomish

Everyone and their dog is a real estate agent right now. So why are we any different? We became real estate experts in Snohomish County from walking the walk… not just talking. Laura and I buy and sell many of our own investment properties every year, so we aren’t just experts in the process and maximizing profit. We are also experts in the emotions that come with buying and selling.

The Traditional Realtor

Most people who are looking to buy or sell real estate feel obligation to work with friends, family or at least suggestions from them. Let’s pretend you’re working with your Aunt Carole. Carole runs pampered chef parties and supplements that income with the occasional real estate transaction from family (like you!). Here’s what may happen when Carole lists your house.

  • Carole doesn’t understand the repairs you should be making or avoiding to maximize your profit. Carole tells you you should add a fun accent wall and buy some top notch carpet… novice move Carole.
  • Carole tells you her new iPhone 11 takes amazing wide angle photos so paying for a photographer isn’t worth it… Carole lost you another $10,000 here.
  • Carole prices your house above what the market suggests, hoping someone will still be willing to purchase at a higher price.
  • Despite the mistakes, you have a few reasonable offers that come in! Both offers are for the same amount but one is using stronger financing. Carole guides you to accept that offer and you proceed to closing… Carole missed an opportunity to negotiate a multiple offer situation to earn you more money!

Not all realtors are created equal. Carole doesn’t buy and sell her own investments (she has no investments) so she doesn’t understand the intricate process of maximizing resale profit or what to watch out for when buying a property.

We are Real Estate Experts in Snohomish

We buy several houses per year that need improvement prior to resale. We do analysis to determine what improvements should be made to maximize our resale profit. This is not an easy process since the market standards vary by area and change with time. This is a full time job. Here’s how we handle your house when you turn to us instead of Aunt Carole.

  • We listen to your goals and timelines and make repair recommendations within your capacity to maximize your profit. We have our own contractors who can do this work for you and often can be paid after the sale of your home.
  • We pay for both professional photography and video that is marketed on our social media platforms.
  • We run the numbers and come up with the perfect calculated list price meant to maximize profit.
  • Laura will fight for the best terms and highest price for your home.
  • We can even pay your Aunt Carole for referring you 😉

Proof of Our Experience

Our latest project is a great example of a house listing that reached maximum potential. We purchased this house, made improvements and listed it for resale at $430,000. This is the price that we expected it to sell for because of similar houses selling in the area. Take a look at the walkthrough with the former owners.

We received multiple offers and ended up accepting an offer for $35,000 over our original asking price! This was after intense negotiations with the interested buyers to maximize profit.


It can be tempting to go with family, friends or discount brokerages when buying or selling real estate. However, with the average home price in Snohomish County being $500,000, you’ll make much more with our team than you’ll save by cutting corners. Have a property you want a flipper to buy? Have a retail property ready for listing? Reach out to the Snohomish County real estate experts (us!) and let us know what we can do to help you!

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