Things to Repair Before Selling Your House – Top 5

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November 27, 2019
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Things to Repair Before Selling Your House – Top 5

things to repair before selling your house

Selling a house, if done correctly can earn you a pretty penny.  You’ve probably seen your neighbors’ homes flying off the market and are ready to see that price tag when you sell your house!  Here are 5 things to repair before selling your house if you want to get the highest return on your investment.

5. Light Fixtures

A photographer will be the first to tell you “Lighting is everything.”  In photography, the goal is to excite people’s emotions with a still image.  That’s exactly what you need to do in order to sell your house for the most money possible.  There’s no need to go crazy with expensive fixtures, but breaking from the traditional “builder grade” light fixtures can easily set your house apart from the rest and make people fall in love.  When you can make people feel emotion with the canvas that is your house, they will pay more.

4. Doors

Replacing all doors in the house is almost always a must on the list of things to repair before selling your house.  The traditional buyer likes uniformity and move-in-ready homes.  If any of your doors are broken, it will be worth your money to replace all doors.  When replacing doors, budget for $150 – $200 per door (cost of door + installation + painting).  If your house has 20 doors, this comes out to up to $4,000.  This may seem like a lot, but you will get that money back plus more when you sell!

3. Trim and Casings

Don’t you love the way you feel after a new haircut or an eyebrow wax?  Trim (lumber that runs between floor and wall) and casings (lumber that surrounds doors and windows) are the equivalent for your house and they can make a drab house transform into something clean and modern.  The current style calls for rectangular casings and trim, following the demand for simplistic design.  When picking casings and trim, make sure your casings are slightly thicker than your trim.  This guarantees fits along the floor that hide the ugly end pieces of the lumber.

2. Floors

Depending on the current condition of your floors, this could be the most important repair you make to your house on the list of things to repair before selling your house.  I have personally seen near flawless homes sell for $50,000 below surrounding homes just because it had floors that were scratched from years of pets.  This is a drastic discount considering replacing a floor in 3000 sq. ft. home will cost $10,000 to $15,000 including materials (for average Luxury Vinyl).  We buy and renovate several homes per year and almost always replace the floor.

1. Interior Paint

The thing 100% of home buyers want when they buy a house is something they can make their own.  For most non-luxury homes, this means cleaning the slate for the next buyer by painting all interior walls a simple color (usually a shade of white or light grey).  When potential buyers walk through your house, your clean slate will allow their creativity to wander without forcing your preferences on them.  You know that accent wall you love?  Get rid of it!

Need more help in deciding what to repair?  Don’t want to repair anything at all and looking to sell your house as is?  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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